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    Zhejiang Tuohang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

    ? ? ? ?Zhejiang Tuohang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. It is a professional manufacturer of air separation equipment, compressed air purification equipment and natural gas drying equipment. It is located at No. 13 Road, Dongzhou Industrial Functional Zone, Fuyang District, Hangzhou City. 12th. The company occupies more than 50 acres, a registered capital of 16 million yuan, more than 69 employees, including college education employees account for about 60%. Has a modern plant more than 5,000 square meters.
    ? ? ? ?The company's products are divided into three major series of more than 300 specifications, mainly include: micro-thermal regeneration dryer, non-thermal regeneration dryer, refrigeration dryer, waste heat (compression heat) regeneration dryer, combined dryer, natural gas drying Equipment, PSA pressure swing adsorption ......



    Refrigerator dryer working principle and advantages and disadvantages

    ? ? ? ?The principle of refrigeration dryer system configuration: Freezing compressed air dryer reduces the temperature by cooling, so that the water vapor in the compressed air condenses into droplets, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the moisture content. The condensed droplets exit the dryer through an automatic drainage system.


    What are the effects on the drying effect of adsorption dryers? 2018-03-10

    Whether it is compressed air refrigeration dryer (hereinafter referred to as cold dryer) or compressed air adsorption dryer (hereinafter referred to as suction dryer) belongs to the compressed air after-treatment equipment, the main role is to remove the moisture in the compressed air, so that Compressed air up to standard. Inaccurate dryer selection: Many companies require higher quality compressed air, but use a freeze dryer and a twin-tower adsorption dryer to dry the compressed air ......

    What are the most common breakdowns of adsorption dryers? 2018-03-09

    The most common failures of adsorption dryers can be classified into organic, load, and regenerative: 1. Organic failures are caused by damage to a component on the dryer, such as valve damage, muffler failure, and The controller malfunctions. The main reason for the malfunction of the generator at the end of its working life and damage caused by external forces ......

    What is the difference between a refrigerated dryer and an adsorption dryer? 2018-03-05

    In modern enterprises, the use of compressed air is becoming more and more common. Commonly used compressed air dryers are mainly adsorption dryers and refrigerated dryers. What is the difference between a refrigerated dryer and an adsorption dryer? 1. Differences in working principle: A refrigerating machine is based on the principle of freezing and dehumidifying. The saturated compressed air from the upstream is cooled to a certain degree by heat exchange with the refrigerant. The dew point temperature, a large amount of liquid water condensation, separated by a gas-liquid separator automatically discharged from the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of drying water ......

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