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    ? ? ? ?Zhejiang Tuohang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. It is a professional manufacturer of air separation equipment, compressed air purification equipment and natural gas drying equipment. It is located at No. 13 Road, Dongzhou Industrial Functional Zone, Fuyang District, Hangzhou City. 12th. The company occupies more than 50 acres, a registered capital of 16 million yuan, more than 69 employees, including college education employees account for about 60%. Has a modern plant more than 5,000 square meters.
    ? ? ? ?The company's products are divided into three major series of morethan 300 specifications, mainly include: micro-thermal regeneration dryer, non-thermal

    regeneration dryer, refrigeration dryer, waste heat (compression heat) regeneration dryer, combined dryer, natural gas drying Equipment, PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen (oxygen) equipment, gas purification equipment, membrane separation gas equipment, vacuum change oxygen equipment, pipeline drying equipment, self-cleaning air filters, gas filters and so on.

    The company fully establishes a complete business operation system at home and abroad, and adopts high-tech products manufactured by domestic and foreign advanced high-tech product parts and components. It is applicable to any industrial and mining configuration. Product performance has reached the domestic advanced level, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electronics, pharmaceuticals and other industries, some products are also sold to various regions abroad.

    Tuohang people firmly believe that quality is the soul of the company, and innovation is the driving force of the company. Without absolute guarantee of quality, companies will lose their markets, there will be no continuous driving force for innovation, and companies will lag behind. Based on the spirit of “pioneering and making progress, sail for long distance”, we adhere to the concept of “doing first-class quality and creating first-class brand”, draw on advanced management experience, establish strict quality control and internal management system, and comprehensively improve employees’ quality awareness. Innovation consciousness, strive to make our products perfect, set up a brand image, and win market with reputation.

    The enthusiastic and energetic Tuohang people have the responsibility of “meeting customers and contributing to the society”. They are brave in pioneering, keep making progress, and have made brilliant achievements on the road to technological innovation.

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