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                    Pressure swing adsorption oxygen equipment

                    Pressure swing adsorption oxygen equipment

                    1、Equipment process
                    As early as 1960, PSA used 5A molecular sieve as adsorbent to use a two-bed device to separate oxygen from air and put it into industrial production in the 1960s. In 1970, PSA technology made a breakthrough in industrial applications and was first applied to air drying and purification. In 1976, PSA technology achieved the separation of nitrogen from air with the rapid development of adsorbents.
                    Since Zhejiang Tuohang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced PSA technology from the United States, the continuous innovation of the device made the oxygen (nitrogen) process flow more reasonable and simple. Zhejiang Tuohang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. has the advantages of compact equipment, small footprint, fully automatic operation, reliable operation, fast starting and stopping, low operating cost of only 0.45 yuan/m3, and advantages of room temperature production and maintenance, oxygen purity. And oxygen production can be properly adjusted, no environmental pollution, is a highly efficient on-site oxygen plant.
                    2、The principle of pressure swing adsorption
                    In the case of adsorption equilibrium, when any adsorbent adsorbs the same gas, the higher the gas pressure, the greater the amount of adsorbent adsorbed. Conversely, the lower the pressure, the smaller the amount of adsorption. As shown below:
                    As described above, the zeolite molecular sieve will adsorb a large amount of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and moisture when the air pressure rises. When the pressure is reduced to atmospheric pressure, the adsorption of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and moisture by the zeolite molecular sieve is very small.
                    Pressure swing adsorption equipment mainly consists of A and B adsorbers and control systems equipped with zeolite molecular sieves. When compressed air (typically 0.55 MPa) passes through column A from bottom to top, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and moisture are adsorbed by the zeolite molecular sieve, while oxygen is passed through and flows out of the top of the column. When the molecular sieve adsorption in the tower A is saturated, it is switched to the tower B for the above-mentioned adsorption process and at the same time the tower A molecular sieve is regenerated. In so-called regeneration, the gas in the adsorption tower is discharged to the atmosphere so that the pressure is rapidly reduced to normal pressure, and nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide, and moisture adsorbed on the molecular sieve are released from the molecular sieve.
                    Technical features:
                    1.The equipment operates with low energy consumption, strong adaptability, rapid gas production, and easy to adjust the purity;
                    2.Perfect process design, optimal use effect;
                    3.Modular design, save floor space;
                    4.Easy to operate, stable performance, high degree of automation;
                    5.Reasonable internal components, uniform air distribution, reduce air flow high-speed impact;
                    6.Unique zeolite molecular sieve protection measures to extend the service life of zeolite molecular sieves;
                    7.The use of famous brands as key components is an effective guarantee for the quality of equipment;
                    8.With a variety of fault diagnosis, alarm and automatic processing functions;
                    9.Optional touch screen display, dew point detection, energy saving control, DCS communication, etc.
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