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                    High efficiency water separator

                    High efficiency water separator

                    The HDL high-efficiency oil separator is scientifically integrated with spiral separation and filtration. It can effectively remove water and remove oil. Its gas-liquid separation efficiency is as high as 98%, and the purification quality of the gas source is reliably guaranteed.
                    The series features compact structure, small size, high efficiency, large filter area, long service life, and easy installation. This series of products has been widely used in various sectors of air purification station purification system, has been favored.
                    The high-efficiency oil-water separator is composed of a barrel, a tray, a spiral separator, a pre-filter assembly, a fine filter assembly, a meter, and a sewage discharge assembly (not shown in the figure). The compressed air containing a large amount of suspended particles, water and oil first enters the lower cylinder and is separated spirally so that the liquid oil and water are deposited at the bottom and discharged through the sewage discharge assembly, and the air flow is transferred into the filter assembly to remove the large solid and liquid particles. This results in clean (oil-free, water-free, dust-free) compressed air.
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