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                    After the natural air in the atmospheric environment is compressed by the air compressor, the harmful substances such as water vapor, dust, and oil mist (part of the air compressor oil) are sent to the compressed air pipeline along with the compressed air to enter the pneumatic device and meter. This high-temperature, high-humidity, high-pressure metamorphic (emulsified) gas will cause serious corrosion and contamination of pneumatic devices, meters, and pipelines, affecting production process equipment failure and product quality. Such as chemical fiber textiles, printing, coating, mixing, piping and other direct contact with the compressed air process, the quality of compressed air is pure and dry, do not allow water, dust, oil and other requirements. Compressed air needs to be purified to meet production requirements during production and use. It is also an important solution for modern industry. Using compressed air drying equipment and matched filters is an important guarantee for meeting this requirement.
                    Filter performance
                    Tuohang's industrial filters are mainly composed of filter housing, filter element, and sewage (manual valve and drainer). Due to the different filter housings, they are divided into two basic types: aluminum pressure and flange type (see the figure below). Shown), aluminum pressure type inlet and outlet using threaded (G), flange-type inlet and outlet flange interface (F). Compressed air enters the filter through the filter core through the interception, inertia, gravity diffusion, adsorption effect, so that water vapor, dust, oil mist and odor substances are blocked by the filter element and collected at the bottom of the filter housing cylinder, after a certain amount is reached by an automatic drainage device or Manually drain the valve out of the filter housing to achieve a filtering effect.
                    The filter element is a tubular component composed of multiple layers of borosilicate fibers. According to different filtering accuracy functions, it is divided into five levels: HO, HT, HA, HR, and HC.
                    Filter grade Features Scope of application
                    HO The primary filter removes micro-particle dust, water mist, and oil-gas fog. The filtration accuracy is ≤ 3 μm and 99.9% free moisture. The main pipeline pre-primary filter, HT filter front. Suitable for pre-primary filters installed in freeze dryers, adsorption dryers, waste heat regeneration dryers.
                    HT Precise filter removes particle dusts and water mists and vapors larger than 1 μm with a filtration accuracy of ≤1μm and residual oil of no more than 0.5 ppm Main line secondary filter, HO-stage filter back. Suitable for installation in the front secondary filter of freeze dryer, adsorption dryer, waste heat regeneration dryer.
                    HA Precise filter removes particle dusts and water vapor mists and vapors larger than 0.01 micron with a filtration accuracy of ≤ 0.01 μm and residual oil of no more than 0.01 ppm Main line filter, HT filter rear. Suitable for installation in freeze dryers, adsorption dryers, waste heat regeneration dryer post filter.
                    HR Dust filter removes more than 0.1 micron particle dust Suitable for installation in adsorption dryer, waste heat regeneration dryer, PSA nitrogen, PSA oxygen filter post dust.
                    HC Activated charcoal filter removes trace oil in compressed air. The treated air contains ≤ 0.001 ppm of oil. It is mainly used for the preparation of compressed air PSA nitrogen and PSA oxygen equipment.
                    The advantages of the filter
                    Quick disassembly for easy maintenance and replacement of filter elements.
                    With automatic level drain (electronic drain is optional), the condensed water and oil in the compressed air can be eliminated.
                    The filter material uses specially treated borosilicate glass fibers, which are hydrophobic, oleophobic and reduce pressure drop and operating costs.
                    Reliable "O" seals prevent the passage of contaminants or air shorts.
                    The filter element has a sturdy anti-corrosion end cap that can be used in the harshest conditions.
                    95% of the high porosity, filter air permeability, long service life.
                    The soft sponge layer of the filter element prevents the oil and water from being carried away by the air and is specially treated to suit any lubricating oil.
                    Stainless steel mesh inside and outside the filter can withstand high pressure differential force.
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