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                    Refrigerated dryer

                    Refrigerated dryer

                    Compressed air is used as the main power source in the modern industrial production process. However, a large amount of dust (solid), oil droplets, oil mist, water droplets, and water mist are contained in the compressed air taken from the atmosphere. These contaminants can lead to a decrease in the operating efficiency of the process equipment, an increase in maintenance costs, an increase in downtime, a decrease in product quality, and a failure of the entire system to work properly. It is necessary to dry and purify compressed air before using compressed air.
                    The refrigerated compressed air drying and purifying device is to remove the water (moisture) in the hot and humid compressed air from the compressed air so as to achieve the quality grade of each user using the compressed air. Ensure the normal operation of gas equipment and process equipment, improve production efficiency and economic benefits.
                    The refrigerated compressed air dryer was a popular type of drying equipment developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s (entering the country in the late 1980s and early 1990s). Its operation did not consume any desiccant, nor did it require regeneration. Gas, price performance is reasonable.
                    TCD refrigerated compressed air dryer is completed with high-quality components, making it stable, reliable performance, low noise, low energy consumption and easy installation. It is an ideal compressed air purification equipment.
                    1)working principle
                    The TCD refrigerated compressed air dryer adopts the refrigeration technology to force the compressed air to cool so that a large amount of water vapor condenses droplets, which are discharged from the drainer to achieve the purpose of drying and dehumidifying the compressed air.
                    2)Process flow
                    TCD refrigerated compressed air dryer process, from the combination of compressed air cooling and drying and refrigerant refrigeration system.
                    a、Drying process
                    The hot and humid compressed air enters the (by-pass) pre-cooler to exchange heat with the processed low-temperature dry compressed air (through the shell side), lowers the temperature of the compressed air, and then enters the (through-shell) evaporator to cool the compressed air to 1.7 °C (pressure dew point), in which the entrained water vapor condenses into small water droplets due to cooling, and at the same time, a compressed air process high-efficiency gas-water separator is attached to the wall of the gas-water separator due to the rotating centrifugal principle. Gravity drops the bottom of the air-water separator and is discharged outside the machine via an automatic drain. The dried low-temperature air enters the pre-cooler and is heat-exchanged with the intake air before being led to the outlet outlet, which completes the drying process.
                    b、Refrigeration process
                    The refrigerant compressor compresses the refrigerant into a high-temperature and high-pressure gas condenser, flows through the condenser, cools down into a normal-temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant, passes through the drying filter and the sight glass, and enters a thermal expansion valve to throttle expansion (through the high-pressure liquid through the small holes It becomes a hydraulic liquid, controls its flow and makes it easy to evaporate, it can absorb a large amount of heat with latent heat, enters the refrigerant evaporator to expand, and then absorbs the heat of the compressed air outside the tube, and turns into a low-pressure gaseous superheated refrigerant, and then enters the gaseous state. After the separator returns to compressor compression recycle.
                    3)、Dryer capacity control
                    ①. Temperature-sensing balanced thermal expansion valve, whose temperature sensing ball is installed on the low pressure return pipe of the compressor, can correctly sense the degree of superheat flowing back to the refrigerant of the compressor, and appropriately controls the flow of the refrigerant flowing into the evaporator through the expansion valve to make evaporation. The amount of refrigerant in the device is adapted to the load of compressed air.
                    ②. The proportional hot gas bypass valve installed between the refrigerant return pipe and the high pressure exhaust pipe of the compressor can be bypassed when the load is reduced to reduce the amount of refrigerant flowing into the evaporator. Thus, the TCD cold and dry machine is The relative stability of the dew point temperature can still be guaranteed when the compressed air load changes.
                    ③. Protection device, protection device installed in the dryer has an over-current relay and a high-low-voltage protection switch that senses the system pressure. This device can prevent the compressor from exceeding the high-pressure operation caused by the poor cooling of the condenser, or the inside of the refrigeration system. The leakage of the refrigerant causes the compressor to be unable to get proper reflux cooling to protect the life of the compressor.
                    4)、Technical Features of TCD Refrigerated Dryer
                    Structural design
                    TCD cold-dryer several large heat exchanger components, the use of process components according to the process of combination, and the use of flange connection, in order to facilitate the work of each unit work point to grasp the working conditions and facilitate internal maintenance, cleaning and replacement.
                    Host selection
                    In order to achieve product use, TCD dryers are the core (heart) components that are most suitable for well-known brands. Our company based on many years of practical experience in production of different specifications of the product's mainframe's compressor, the choice of manufacturers and models are different. Ensure the stable and reliable operation of the company's series of products.
                    Dew point control (for computerized dryers)
                    The evaporator end plug-in temperature monitoring method is adopted to facilitate the real mastering of the changes of the air dew point temperature and timely control and adjustment.
                    Air-water separation
                    With the principle of deceleration condensation and diversion-accelerated separation, the gas-water separation efficiency of the high-efficiency gas-water separator is increased from 60% to 70% of the general air separator to ensure that the dew point temperature of the dryer is truly guaranteed. Outgassing quality.
                    Automatic drainage
                    The domestic exclusive use of floating ball automatic drainage and electronic automatic drainage combination, effectively prevent the formation of water in the high efficiency gas-water separator due to the drainage of plugging, to ensure that the quality of the outlet is not affected by the plugging of the drain.
                    Stable control
                    TCD cold-drying machine adopts the international high-quality brand thermal expansion valve, hot gas bypass valve, and the joint adjustment of the water regulating valve, so that the outlet dew point of the cold-drying machine does not change with the change of the load, but the stable temperature is always around 1.7°C.
                    Intelligent control (applicable to computerized dryers)
                    The controller is developed by the Semiconductor Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for TCD dryers, monitors the operating parameters of the dryer in real time, and performs parameter offset settings. Optional RS232/RS485 and linkage interface for remote communication, centralized control and air compressor linkage. Has the advantages of simple operation, automatic control, multiple fault alarms and temperature control monitoring.
                    Technical features:
                    1.Ensure that the equipment operates normally at an ambient temperature of 50°C;
                    2.Heat exchanger adopts countercurrent design, high heat transfer efficiency, small volume;
                    3.The separator adopts a patented three-stage separation method: direct impact separation + low-speed centrifugal separation + stainless steel mesh demister separator, which separates 99.9% of the liquid water from the cooled compressed air and prevents moisture from separating. Secondary evaporation ensures the low dew point quality of the finished product gas;
                    4.Real-time display of operating parameters.
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