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                    Micro hot dryer

                    Micro hot dryer

                    The micro-thermal regeneration adsorption dryer is an adsorption dryer which is developed by absorbing the advantages of a heat adsorption regeneration dryer and a non-thermal regeneration adsorption dryer. It avoids the disadvantages of short switching time and large regeneration gas consumption of the no-heat regenerative adsorption dryer, and also overcomes the disadvantage of the large power consumption of the thermal regenerative adsorption dryer. The regeneration gas of the micro-thermal regeneration dryer regenerates the desiccant after the temperature is increased, which can not only improve the regeneration effect, but also reduce the regeneration gas consumption and the like.
                    1. working principle
                    The TR micro-thermal regeneration adsorption dryer adopts the principle of variable pressure variable temperature adsorption to achieve the purpose of drying compressed air.
                    2. Process flow (see figure)
                    TR micro-thermal regeneration adsorption dryer, schematic diagram of the process (Figure A tower as a tower B tower as a desorption tower).
                    ① Adsorption process
                    When using Tower A as an adsorption (drying) tower, the intake valve Z2 and the exhaust valve Z3 should be closed first, and the valve Z1 should be opened. Undried compressed air entering from the gas inlet flows through Z1 to Tower A. In the lower part, the moisture in the moist air is adsorbed and the dry compressed air flows out of the upper part of the A tower. About 97% of the dry air passes through the check valve H and flows out of the gas outlet.
                    ② Desorption process
                    When desorption (regeneration) of the tower B, about 3% from the A tower, the dry air passes through the regulating valve J and enters the heater Q to warm up and then flows through the tower B, blowing away the adsorbed water. The regeneration gas is discharged through the muffler S through the opened exhaust valve Z4.
                    ③ Recycling process
                    In the second half of the cycle, Tower A is converted to the desorption process, Tower B is converted to the adsorption process, and the switching period is 120 to 240 minutes (can be designed as required). The action of each valve is displayed on the front panel of the controller.
                    3. The main components of superiority
                    TR digital electronic intelligent controller
                    After many years of research and development, the controller has been carefully designed, and has drawn on advanced technology from both home and abroad. The new generation of intelligent control instrument developed has reached the international advanced level.
                    The instrument uses imported electronic original devices and advanced optoelectronic technology, with the following characteristics:
                    Adsorption, regeneration state simulation display.
                    Real-time detection, control, on-site display, programming, automatic save parameters, power loss is not lost.
                    Switching valve dynamic action state simulation display.
                    ◆ The combined anti-jamming measures of hardware and software improve the adaptability to the environment.
                    ◆ Use high-performance surge protection devices to increase system durability and reliability.
                    ◆ Application of non-contact switch, zero-triggered AC power conversion heating technology, small temperature control overshoot, no spark, no noise, less pollution on the power grid, long service life.
                    ◆ A dedicated control power supply is designed, with a wide input voltage range and stable performance.
                    ◆ The micro-thermal/thermal-free control non-interference transfer switch is arranged on the shielding cover. When the micro-thermal operation fails, the power is switched to the non-thermal regeneration mode after the power is turned off.
                    ?Optional RS485/RS232 communication interface can realize the remote communication function. (Optional)
                    ?Optional joint control function to realize linkage control with air compressor or other equipment (optional configuration)
                    ?Unique heater interior design, high heating efficiency, stable heating temperature. The heating pipe uses bellows.
                    ?After each shutdown, the tower can be automatically switched to avoid repeated use of a tower and improve the service life of the adsorbent.
                    ◆ With fault alarm and processing functions, it provides reliable protection for safe operation of equipment.
                    (Ⅰ)10% sound and light alarm with heating temperature exceeding the set limit.
                    (Ⅱ)When the heating temperature exceeds 200°C or the sensor is damaged by audible and visual alarms, the heater power is automatically shut off.
                    ◆ System parameters can be set arbitrarily within the normal range.
                    Pressure reducing valve, solenoid valve control assembly
                    Taiwan Yade passenger pressure regulator, the pressure is stable, can be adjusted, and with a filter device to prevent impurities blocked, so that the valve work more stable. Electromagnetic valve control module adopts Taiwan Yadeke solenoid valve, the coil is fully enclosed structure, protection class is IP65, waterproof and dustproof, low power consumption and long service life. It has the function of running instructions, stable performance, convenient installation and maintenance, and the control gas lines are all connected by stainless steel pipes, which have good sealing performance and long service life.
                    Adsorption cartridge
                    ▲ A large capacity adsorption tower reduces the gas flow rate and ensures the stability of the outlet dew point.
                    ▲ The refueling port is flanged to replace the adsorbent and is equipped with a washable stainless steel diffuser to prevent "tunneling" from making the adsorption more uniform and effective.
                    ▲ The interior of the adsorption tower is treated with dry powder epoxy resin.
                    ▲ Meet GB150-1998 specifications and attach safety valve.
                    At present, there are three types of adsorbents used for compressed air drying: silica gel, activated alumina, and molecular sieves. Silicone is used less often because it will break in liquid water. Molecular sieves have a high cost, but below 20% of the relative humidity, they have a good adsorption capacity for trace moisture. Activated alumina has the advantages of fast adsorption speed, but it has poor adsorption capacity under trace moisture adsorption. The adsorbents in the TR series adsorption towers use molecular sieves.
                    Technical features:
                    1.Rated processing gas volume:1--500Nm3/min
                    2.Work pressure:0.6---0.8Mpa(Available0.8--3.0Mpa)
                    3.Finished product dew point:≤-40℃--(-52℃)
                    4.Into the temperature:<38℃
                    5.Ambient temperature:38℃
                    6.Regeneration air consumption:≤6%
                    7.Pressure loss:≤0.02Mpa
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