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                    Heatless dryer

                    Heatless dryer

                    (1)working principle
                    TW series non-thermal adsorption type compressed air dryer is a kind of equipment that adopts pressure swing adsorption principle, uses microporous desiccant (active alumina or molecular sieve) to adsorb water molecules, and adopts non-thermal regeneration method to dry compressed air. The use of advanced pneumatic membrane cut-off valve (or high-performance pneumatic butterfly valve) and digital display intelligent control technology and other advanced technology, with automatic timing, automatic switching, working state simulation display and regeneration gas consumption and less.
                    (2)Process flow (see figure)
                    TW series non-heat adsorption compressed air dryer, schematic diagram of the process (Figure A tower as an adsorption tower, B tower as a desorption tower).
                    ① Adsorption process
                    When A tower is used as an adsorption (drying) tower, the intake valve Z2, exhaust valve Z3, and the intake valve Z1 should be closed first. Saturated air without drying water enters the gas inlet and flows through Z1 to A. In the lower part of the tower, moist air flows through the desiccant from bottom to top in the tower. Moisture in the wet air is absorbed. Dry compressed air flows through the check valve H1 and exits from the gas outlet. About 12% of the dry air flows through the ball valve Q. B tower to desorption (regeneration) of desiccant in tower B.
                    ②Desorption process
                    When using Tower B as a desorption (regeneration) column, dry air from Column A is passed through Ball Valve Q (approximately 12%) as a regeneration gas flow through Column B, purging the adsorbed water, and then passing through the opened exhaust valve. Z4 is discharged from the muffler S.
                    ③Recycling process
                    In the second half of the cycle, Tower A is used as the desorption process, Tower B is converted to the adsorption process, and the two towers are cyclically adsorbed. The switching period is generally 10 minutes (can be set separately as required). The action of each valve is displayed on the front panel of the controller.
                    The main components of superiority
                    a. High performance pneumatic valve
                    The high-quality pneumatic valve is selected, the service life of the valve is more than 500,000 times, and the performance is stable and the service life is long.
                    b. Digital electronic intelligent program controller
                    This product is a new generation intelligent control instrument which has been researched and developed by Zhejiang Tuohang Company and China Semiconductor Research Institute for many years. It draws on advanced technology from home and abroad, and is designed and developed with a new generation of intelligent control instrument. Its technical performance has reached the international advanced level.
                    The instrument uses imported electronic original devices and advanced optoelectronic technology, with the following characteristics:
                    ◆ Adsorption, regeneration state simulation display.
                    ◆ Switch valve action status simulation display.
                    ◆ System parameters and operating hours are displayed on site.
                    ◆ The combined anti-jamming measures of hardware and software improve the adaptability to the environment.
                    ◆ On-site programming functions, parameters are automatically saved, and power loss is not lost.
                    ◆ Use high-performance surge protection devices to increase system durability and reliability.
                    ◆ A dedicated control power supply is designed, with a wide input voltage range and stable performance.
                    ◆ Optional RS485/RS232 communication interface can realize the remote communication function. (Optional)
                    ◆ Optional joint control function can be used to realize the linkage control with the air compressor or other equipment. (Optional)
                    ◆ The degree of protection of the controller is: indoor IP44 outdoor IP54 (can be configured according to user requirements)
                    c. Pressure reducing valve, solenoid valve control assembly
                    Taiwan Yade passenger pressure regulator, the pressure is stable, can be adjusted, and with a filter device to prevent impurities blocked, so that the valve work more stable.
                    Solenoid valve control assembly adopts four-piece assembly, has operation indication function, stable performance, convenient installation and maintenance, and the control gas lines are all connected by stainless steel pipes, which have good sealing performance and long service life.
                    d. Adsorption tower
                    ① Large-capacity adsorption towers, which reduce the flow rate of the gas stream, ensure the dew point of the outlet and prevent sorbent wear.
                    ② The refueling port is flanged for sorbent replacement and is equipped with a washable stainless steel air diffuser to prevent "tunneling".
                    ③ Meet GB150-1998 specifications and attach safety valve.
                    e. Adsorbent
                    At present, there are three kinds of adsorbents for compressed air: silica gel, activated alumina, and molecular sieves. Silica gel will be broken due to the liquid water, so it is now used less; the molecular sieve has a high cost and is easy to crush, and the relative humidity is lower than 20% for the better moisture adsorption characteristics, activated alumina has a fast adsorption speed, but in low moisture Partial pressure, the general characteristics of adsorption capacity. The TW series uses molecular sieves and activated alumina mixed bed, and at the same time adopts the vibration filling method to eliminate the “tunneling effect” and mutual friction between the adsorbents.
                    Technical features:
                    1.Rated processing gas volume:0.5--500Nm3/min
                    2.Work pressure:0.6---0.8Mpa(Available 0.8--3.0Mpa);
                    3.Finished product dew point:≤-40℃--(-52℃)
                    4.Into the temperature:<38℃
                    5.Ambient temperature:38℃
                    6.Regeneration air consumption:≤12%
                    7.Pressure loss:≤0.02Mpa
                    8.Operating cycle: 10 minutes (can be modified)
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