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    What is the difference between a refrigerated dryer and an adsorption dryer?

    Date:2018-03-05Source:Tuohang Industry
    ? ? ? ? In modern enterprises, the use of compressed air is becoming more and more common. Commonly used compressed air dryers are mainly adsorption dryers and refrigerated dryers. What is the difference between a refrigerated dryer and an adsorption dryer?
      1、Difference in working principle
      According to the principle of freezing and dehumidifying, the cold-drying machine cools the saturated compressed air from the upstream through the heat exchange with the refrigerant to a certain dew point temperature, condenses a large amount of liquid water, and automatically discharges the liquid water after separation by a gas-liquid separator, thereby achieving In addition to the purpose of water drying. Absorption dryer is based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption, the saturated compressed air from the upstream through a certain pressure contact with the desiccant, the vast majority of water adsorption in the desiccant, dry air into the downstream work, In order to achieve the purpose of deep drying.
      2、The difference in water removal effect
      Since the dryer is limited by its principle, if the temperature is too low, icing may occur, so its dew point temperature is usually 2~10°C. Dryer because it does not need to pass the temperature change, and desiccant (alumina) can be further deep drying, so the dew point temperature of its outlet can reach -20 °C below, that is to say can achieve deep dry.
      3、The difference in energy loss
      For the dryer, because the purpose of cooling can be achieved by compressing refrigerant, the power supply will be high. Because the suction dryer only needs to control the valve through the electric control box, the electric power is usually only about tens of watts, which means that there will not be any loss of electricity.
      4、The difference in air consumption
      Because the cold-dryer achieves the purpose of removing water through temperature change, the moisture is discharged outside the machine through an automatic drain, so there is no loss of gas volume. In the dryer, the desiccant needs to be regenerated after it is saturated with water. As a result, about 12-15% of the regeneration gas is lost.
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