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                    What are the most common breakdowns of adsorption dryers?

                    Date:2018-03-09Source:Tuohang Industry
                    ? ? ? ? The most common failures of adsorption dryers can be classified into organic, loadable and regenerative:
                    ? ? ? ? 1、Organic failures are caused by damage to a component on the dryer, such as valve damage, muffler failure, and controller failure. The main reason for the malfunction of the generator at the end of its working life and damage caused by external forces. Such failures often occur abruptly in the absence of aura or unclear circumstances, but are easier to judge and easier to deal with.
                    ? ? ? ? 2、The main cause of load failure is the overloaded operation of the equipment, which is mainly manifested by the higher outlet dew point of the exhaust gas. The increase in the amount of compressed air treatment, the increase in its temperature, or the decrease in the inlet pressure are common causes of overloading of the adsorption dryer. In most cases, load failures are not easily noticeable, but the consequences are not too severe and are easier to deal with.
                    ? ? ? ? 3、Regeneration failures are caused by "reduced energy consumption". Its dominant characterizations include: low exhaust temperature of regenerative exhaust gas, water in exhaust gas, dew condensation on the surface of muffler or exhaust valve, external temperature of regenerator tower below ambient temperature or “outside wall condensation”, etc.; It is “condensation in the tower”—that is, because the energy carrier (dry gas) is insufficient, the desorbed water vapor cannot be completely discharged within the specified time, and the remaining moisture will be condensed into liquid water in the adsorption bed during cooling. Extremely harmful. Practice has shown that many of the "difficult miscellaneous diseases" that occur during the operation of the sorption dryer are almost all related to "insufficient renewable energy consumption." Renewable faults are difficult to deal with due to their strong concealment and long latency, and they are often also doped with factors (such as "pity") or first-mover factors (such as improper selection). This kind of fault has great harm to the operation and overall performance of the sorption dryer. Increasing regenerative energy consumption is the most direct and effective method for such faults.
                    ? ? ? ? ?The cause of failure of the adsorption dryer may be due to external factors such as oil content, temperature, pressure, etc., so it should be used under rated temperature and pressure conditions. When the inlet air temperature is higher than or the inlet air pressure is lower than the rated value, it should be Perform capacity corrections and ensure that the ambient temperature and oil content are stable. When there is a "pre-dryer", the adsorption dryer is connected to the dryer. As long as the site permits, it should be installed as far as possible to reduce the air pressure drop, improve the ventilation conditions of the dryer and facilitate the daily maintenance and inspection.
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