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                    What are the effects on the drying effect of adsorption dryers?

                    Date:2018-03-10Source:Tuohang Industry
                    ? ? ? ? Whether it is compressed air refrigeration dryer (hereinafter referred to as cold dryer) or compressed air adsorption dryer (hereinafter referred to as suction dryer) belongs to the compressed air after-treatment equipment, the main role is to remove the moisture in the compressed air, so that Compressed air up to standard.
                    ? ? ? ? Incorrect selection of dryer
                    ? ? ? ? Many companies have high requirements on the quality of compressed air, but they use dry-type dryers and double-tower adsorption dryers to dry compressed air. Measure the quality of compressed air, mainly depends on the amount of moisture in the compressed air, which is the pressure dew point value. The dew point of the refrigeration dryer can only reach 10°C at the lowest, and it can not meet the gas requirements for pneumatic components. At this time, many companies will choose adsorption dryers to reduce the pressure dew point, but in use, the drying effect will still be worse. Tuoling Industrial R&D core dryers have a pressure dew point of up to -80°C, which completely eliminates all defects in freeze dryers and twin-tower adsorption dryers.
                    ? ? ? ? Dryer does not fill tightly
                    ? ? ? ? In the adsorption tower capacity is large and deep, and the molecular sieve and alumina different structure size, to achieve uniform filling, close is very difficult. If the filling is not uniform or tight, it will cause serious "tunneling effect" and affect the drying effect.
                    ? ? ? ? Drying agent does not dry well
                    ? ? ? ? In the initial stage of use of the dryer, the drying effect is optimal, but as the time goes by, the desiccant slowly pulverizes due to the long-term use of the desiccant. In particular, the desiccant in the double tower adsorption dryer will also have a tunneling effect, which is even more unfavorable to the adsorption of the adsorbent. At this time, the desiccant needs to be replaced in time. For the tunneling effect of the double tower adsorption desiccant, many companies will choose the new core drying machine introduced by Betten, the core dryer adopts the inlet and outlet buffer cavity structure, forming up and down convection, reasonable distribution of gas source, eliminating the adsorption dead angle, It has improved a series of disadvantages such as non-uniform airflow distribution in double tower dryers, easy pulverization of adsorbents, and easy formation of tunneling effects.
                    ? ? ? ? ?Tunnel effect
                    ? ? ? ? 1、Once the tunnel is formed, the speed of compressed air is accelerated, the water is not completely absorbed, and the compressed air has already passed. As a result, the adsorption effect is significantly reduced, and the dew point is increased.
                    ? ? ? ? 2、The collision friction between the adsorbents is intensified, and the adsorbent powders are severely powdered and the water absorption performance is reduced.
                    ? ? ? ? 3、Adsorbent dust tends to clog the muffler and post-duct filter of the dryer, resulting in reduced filter adsorption.
                    ? ? ? ? The intake air temperature of the compressed air is too high
                    ? ? ? ? Some dryers are sensitive to the temperature of the compressed air and need to be at 35°C to reach the desired pressure dew point. Check the cooling effect of the cooler at the rear of the air compressor so that the temperature of the air entering the dryer is ≤ 45°C.
                    ? ? ? ? Uneven air distribution
                    ? ? ? ?Under normal circumstances, the inlet pipe of the suction dryer is much smaller than the diameter of the adsorption cartridge. Under the combined action of the initial pressure and speed of the compressed air, the air flow tends to pool and hit him through the packing in the container, and the gas distribution is not balanced.
                    ? ? ? ? At this point, a considerable part of the filler cannot be fully utilized, thus forming an adsorption dead angle, which results in a significant decrease in the utilization of the adsorbent and a decrease in the adsorption efficiency.
                    ? ? ? ? Adsorbent is contaminated to degrade performance
                    ? ? ? ? Air filter oil pollution is not complete, replace the filter element and replace the adsorbent.
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