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                    Refrigerator dryer working principle and advantages and disadvantages

                    Date:2018-03-12Source:Tuohang Industry
                    ? ? ? ? Refrigerator dryer system configuration principle:
                    ? ? ? ? The refrigerated compressed air dryer reduces the temperature by cooling, so that the water vapor in the compressed air condenses into droplets, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing the moisture content. The condensed droplets exit the dryer through an automatic drainage system.
                    ? ? ? ? Compressed air with saturated steam reaches the precooler of the dryer. In the precooler, the incoming hot air is cooled by the cooling air and cooled down to reduce the load on the system (this process is precooling). The pre-cooled air enters the evaporator. Here, the heat released from the air is absorbed by the refrigerant and cooled to a preset temperature (2 to 7°C). After the air is cooled, the water vapor is made into liquid droplets, separated from the air by a steam separator, and discharged by the automatic drainer. After leaving the steam separator, cold air enters the shell side of the precooler. The inlet hot air undergoes heat exchange and leaves the dryer after being heated to approximately 10°C from the inlet air. This reheating prevents secondary condensation of the outer outlet air line and the downstream piping and also increases the energy of the air, improving the utility. In addition, after the compressed air passes through the dryer, the solid dust of 3 μm or more has been filtered out, and the quality of the air source is required to be clean and dry.
                    ? ? ? ? The function of the refrigerated dryer: Because the compressed air contains 100% relative humidity, with the cooling in the pipeline, the water will precipitate, which will bring many disadvantages to the gas equipment. Refrigeration dryers use the refrigeration technology to force the compressed air to the required dew point temperature (2-10°C) to condense the water vapor contained therein into droplets, which are discharged from the dryer through the dryer.
                    ? ? ? ? Refrigeration dryer specification matching: The matching processing volume is close to the volumetric flow rate of the air compressor, and the working pressure is equal to the working pressure of the air compressor. In some industries that require high quality of compressed air, the refrigerated dryer is not suitable, and an adsorption dryer or a combined dryer must be selected.
                    ? ? ? ? Advantages and disadvantages of cold and dry machine:
                    ? ? ? ? Disadvantages:
                    ? ? ? ? 1、The effective air supply of the dryer can reach 100%. However, due to the restriction of the working principle, the dew point of the air supply of the refrigeration dryer can only reach 2°C (pressure dew point), and it is affected by the intake air temperature. Large, the air intake temperature rises by 5 °C, the cooling efficiency will drop by 30%, the dew point of the gas supply will rise significantly, and is greatly affected by the ambient temperature.
                    ? ? ? ? 2、Automatic drainage system is easy to block, resulting in poor drainage.
                    ? ? ? ? 3、Radiator plate wings after the dust on the poor heat dissipation.
                    ? ? ? ? 4、Water cooling equipment is greatly affected by the cooling water temperature.
                    ? ? ? ? advantage:
                    ? ? ? ? 1、Without compressed air consumption, most users do not have a high dew point requirement for compressed air, and the use of a desiccator is more energy efficient than using an adsorption dryer.
                    ? ? ? ? 2、No need to add or replace adsorbents on a regular basis;
                    ? ? ? ? 3、Low operating noise; the noise from the adsorption tower is relieved by the suction dryer. In the air compressor room, the operating noise of the dryer is generally not heard.
                    ? ? ? ? 4、No valve wear;
                    ? ? ? ? 5、Routine maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the automatic drainage filter can be cleaned on time;
                    ? ? ? ? 6、There is no special requirement on the pre-treatment of the air source and the supporting air compressor. The general oil-water separator can meet the requirements of the air-cooling machine on the intake air quality.
                    ? ? ? ? 7、The dryer has a "self-cleaning" effect on the exhaust gas, ie less solid impurities in the exhaust gas;
                    ? ? ? ? 8、While condensing water is being discharged, part of the oil vapor can also condense into liquid oil mist and discharge with the condensate.
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